Hotel Nuage, your slow life hotel in Paris 8

A Slow Life hotel in Paris 8, in the heart of the capital's hustle and bustle, is possible. This magical address is at 30 rue Jean Mermoz and is called the Hotel Nuage.

A Slow Life hotel in Paris 8

The slow life is a concept that wants to seek escape, disconnection, time for oneself rather than the race to activities, the pressure of appearance and the need for immediacy. Slow life is both a concept that goes against the grain of our daily lives and yet is perfectly in tune with the times: it is a promise to have what we no longer know how to give ourselves on a daily basis: time.

L'Hotel Nuage is this slow life hotel in Paris 8 for which it is not a simple commercial concept. It is a global approach that has guided the entire restructuring phase of the hotel in 2021. The breakfast delicacies are organic, the hotel is eco-responsible, there is no gym but a cinema room with a video projector to discover old films or animal art documents. Slow Life means hotel for gentle living in Paris.

A slow life hotel in Paris 8 that doesn't forget to be luxurious

Being a slow life hotel in Paris 8 is not antinomic with the idea of being a luxury hotel, on the contrary the two ideas are perfectly in agreement. To forget the daily routine, to disconnect, to feel like cocooning, you need a luxurious setting and the one of this establishment is exactly what you need. The rooms, of which there are 27, all have this soothing atmosphere, a decoration that helps to contemplate with handicrafts, photographs or paintings. Looking at them is as much a part of the experience as enjoying the premium bedding. That's why each room is equipped with a yoga mat. To continue your daily exercises or to discover a new discipline, they are perfect and totally symbolize the atmosphere of this slow life hotel. Once you've had a taste of it, it's hard to go back.

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