Hotel Nuage, a luxury hotel near the Champs Élysées

Are you looking for a luxury hotel near the Champs Élysées? But a hotel that also knows how to stand out with a unique personality in Paris? The Hotel Nuage is without a doubt the address you should discover and here are the best arguments.

A boutique hotel on the Champs Élysées with a different tone

The Hotel Nuage is an establishment with a double vision. It is obviously a luxury hotel and in the Champs Élysées district, it is difficult to imagine otherwise. But also, and perhaps above all, this charming hotel in Paris' 8th arrondissement is a slow hotel. A slow hotel? That's the expression used to talk about these establishments that focus on disconnection, calm, on the idea of taking time for oneself, getting away, where sustainable tourism takes precedence. All these ideas come to life around the slow hotel concept, of which Hotel Nuage is undoubtedly one of the best representatives in Paris. Your luxury hotel on the Champs Élysées certainly has a style all its own.

Luxury hotel in Paris 8th district, nothing is missing

At the Hotel Nuage, we think differently but nothing deprives you of luxury and comfort. The rooms have soothing colors and are equipped with all the amenities of a boutique hotel on the Champs Élysées. You feel good as soon as you walk in the door. The establishment stands out for example with its cinema room. In this projection room, you can enjoy a cocoon of comfort and elegance to watch, as a family or as a couple, one of the works in the establishment's extensive video library.othèque of the establishment, a video library obviously oriented around art, travel documentaries or cinema classics.

This charming hotel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris plays the Slow card with its organic buffet breakfast, its eco-responsible approach to energy and waste management, and its afternoon tea time. And if you call the room service, you will also see that even in the snacks offered by the establishment we are in a soft approach in the food with poké balls, soups and seasonal products.

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