Your original getaway in Paris 8 signed Nuage Hotel

Do you think it is so easy to make an original escapade in Paris 8 ? To be sure of a change of scenery and atmosphere, the answer can be found in two words and one address: Hotel Nuage on rue Jean Mermoz in Paris 8.

An original experience in Paris

Obviously, when you are an address in the 8th arrondissement, between Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Champs-Élysées, you are above all a luxury hotel. But this is not enough to offer a unique experience in Paris. That's why the Hotel Nuage offers a special concept that is being emulated around the world: the Slow Life. The idea is to highlight a number of solutions that allow you to spend time in or around the hotel, with the central value of taking your time, resting, and disconnecting. The hotel could have offered a spa like all the others, but the concept goes further. For example, the hotel offers a cinema room, various relaxation areas on the different floors, and guides you in the choice of offbeat addresses designed around the same art of living: disconnection, daydreaming, rest. And when this is the philosophy of the establishment, it allows for an original getaway in Paris 8.

Your atypical experience in Paris

From the Hotel Nuage, you can make any stay you want in Paris. There is a will on the part of the establishment to accompany you in your outings and experiences in Paris. Why not, for example, organize a shopping experience in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré? You are only 5 minutes away and the accompaniment of a Personal Shopper will allow you to live this shopping session as you never did before: selection according to your expectations, personalized reception, you will not need to run to the stores to live a particular experience. Once again, slow life meets your habits to give them a new day. At the Nuage Hotel, you can enjoy an original getaway in Paris 8 without ever leaving the luxury and comfort of a beautiful hotel in the heart of the capital. All the top-of-the-line services, the gourmet breakfast or the suites with terraces are the elements you will love so much in this hotel perfect for an original getaway in Paris for two.

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