& Events

Régulièrement, NUAGE vous tient informé(e) des événements de l’hôtel (expositions, lectures, dégustations…), met la lumière sur les artistes ou les artisans ayant participé à la forme de NUAGE, et dévoile la programmation de la salle de cinéma. 

NUAGE: an eco-friendly hotel.

NUAGE advocates a more eco-friendly lifestyle and is committed to sustainable management to accompany the development of the hotel. To this end, we are committed to:

-Sensitizing the staff and customers to sustainable development through various actions. The entire hotel is cleaned with dry steam to avoid the use of chemicals and drastically reduce water consumption.

-Preferring local and regional products such as our spirits menu that is 100% made in France.

-Using low-energy light bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

-Eliminating the use of plastic bottles. Our in-house filtered water (flat or sparkling) is offered free of charge during your entire stay.

-Replacing the traditional – and typically wasteful – hotel mini-bar with filtered water bottles and a selection of teas and coffees


The Nuage city guide

NUAGE presents its favorite spots in the city in a downloadable guide and shares the best places to stop and take a deep breath, the best neighborhood artisans, secret corners, places to escape and so much more.  The guide will be available soon.

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